Hello. Thank you for visiting my new site, Welcome! I am an artist from Northampton, England. I have had 2 obsessions in my life so far. Sport and Art. Mainly golf and oil painting. Im currently combining my 2 passions by painting golfing subject matter. 


Although I completed a degree in Art, my technique and how I paint these days is very much self-taught. I am heavily influenced by the great Dutch Masters and I strive to practice and paint using the techniques that these heavy weights of art history would have used. My still lifes are mainly of golfing equipment and my portraits are of golfers that I have taken inspiration from in the past.


Golf and art can been seen as a bit of a strange mix but having dedicated so much time pursuing both, I know the similarities that run through both practices to be far closer than some may perceive. Although my subject matter is clearly based around the sport, I don't see myself as a 'golf artist' the same way Willem Kalf probably didn't see himself as a lobster and lemon artist.


My painting and technique is my main concern, I just find it  just a lot easier to sit in front of a canvas for weeks or months when I have a passion for the thing that I am depicting. So if you are interested in just Art, Just golf or like me, both, then please enjoy taking a look around my site and please keep a check for regular updates as a lot of my works are still in progress and will be added as and when I finish each piece.

Fore please...